Mindfulness Courses & Events for Organisations

"People, people, people, are just people, people, people",

Brene Brown

When we use terms like human resources and productivity, we distance ourselves from one very important fact - we're talking about people.  Organisations comprise of people all with emotions, thoughts, families, lives - just stuff that happens outside of the work place but impacts the way they operate within the workplace. We can be guarded or distant within the context of the work place and remembering we are human is the simplest way to build trust and break down barriers to engagement.   

Our mindfulness for  emotional resilience and leadership are people led.  We teach people to reconnect with themselves so that they remember how to experience our common humanity. Once we connect with our inner worlds, with all of its textures and complexities, we begin to understand others in a way that is not just empathetic but builds true connection, connection that is fundamental to psychological safety within the workplace. 

We have a range of courses and events and can create them specifically for your organisation.  Below are examples of the projects we have completed with other organisations.

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