I’ll show you how to work with your mind and body to experience a calmer and balanced life. 

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A more balanced life

Mindfulness works on so many levels.  Initially we can build self awareness and this can give us the self knowledge to understand what takes us off track.

Gradually as our mind becomes calmer, there is space for powerful personal insight to emerge. 

Mind21 learning to rest

Try an online programme.

These popular courses are a great place to start if you want to switch off or find out more about mindfulness and meditation without joining a group.

The Mini Stress Management Course

If you're feeling stressed continually then you probably don't have time to think about it, or to work out how to solve the issue.  The mind is in full overdrive telling you what to do!

That's why this course is short because something needs to change and if you are anything like me, you want it to be quick. 

This course will provide you with both the insights and the tools to tackle stress at a neurological level. 

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Beautiful Journeys

These journeys use mindfulness and visualisations to help with relaxation and sleep.  

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Learn to meditate in 21 days

Too busy?  Just 10 minutes per day can really make a difference.  These 21 unique 12 minute sessions include different styles of meditation.  The 10 minute daily practice not only teaches you the art of meditation but the sessions are packed with tips on how to get the most from your practice.   

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Mind21 Online

Stress can be like the badly behaved guest that never leaves and when it takes hold we can feel permanently irritable, angry and on the point of tears. 

Designed for busy people, in just 30 minutes per day you'll experience the benefits of switching off  and will come to understand the mechanisms of stress and how to interrupt its patterns. 

Feel empowered to take back control.

Mind21 now includes the 21 day challenge and beautiful journeys.

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Hi! I’m Julie, a mindfulness teacher with a passion for a less stressed life.  I work with clients to help them to develop the tools they need to tackle the challenges of our fast paced lives.

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