Mindfulness Monday - Do something amazing with your Monday.

Join our group of like minded people and find out how mindfulness can support your well being. 

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These weekly 45 minute sessions start at 8pm over zoom, so you can join from the comfort of home.

They're completely flexible so you can come along when you have the chance.


Group sizes are small and our ground rules are simple: we turn up on time; we don't try to fix each other; and everyone has an opportunity to be heard respectfully.



The classes combine professionally delivered guided practices, combined with  science, delivering an  understanding of how it all knits together.

Some people come to learn and grow their practice whilst others appreciate the time out and the company.  We're all in different places and that's fine. 


Whether you just need time out or want to explore mindfulness, this class delivers. 
Learn how the mind and body influence our emotions so you can create a life of  emotional balance and enhanced well being.
Back in September
From Julie:

"We all deserve to be happy and I believe mindfulness can support this." 

Back in September
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