The Quick & Simple Guide to Stress Management.

Reclaim your mind and your energy when you discover how to step beyond anxiety and stress. 

Innovative stress management techniques work to bring  a little oasis of calm.

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Are you tired of being  tired and weighed down by thoughts?

Do you want to find a simple way out of the overwhelming stress and anxiety life throws your way?

Feeling deflated after a bad day is natural, but when that feeling begins to linger, it's a sign that our stress response system isn't getting a chance to reset. In today's fast-paced world, the constant demands can make it hard to find that much-needed head space to recharge and rejuvenate. There's tons of apps offering relaxation, but what we need are techniques that offer long term solutions.  Calm solutions that actually work. 

So how do you bring calm when faced with all the chaos?

It starts by understanding the power of your mind.  Have you ever stopped and noticed how much control the constant chatter has over you? Perhaps you find yourself worrying about things that may never happen or maybe you're constantly reliving the past, searching for a different outcome?

You are certainly not alone.  Research indicates that 95% of our thoughts are repetitive and automatic.  So everyone lives with these complicated minds filled with constant judgement and criticism.  Most of us don't realise just how much we can influence them and that's why Just Breathe Solutions, provides proven techniques and tools to overcome the chaos.

You can learn how to reclaim your mind overcoming the stress and anxiety of your life.  Imagine being able to bring a little bit of calm and peace at a moment's notice.

Isn't it time that your negative self-talk stopped driving your every thought and action?  

This innovative course provides easy to follow tips and techniques guiding you every step of the way.  Tools that help you overcome negative self-talk, quiet your mind, and bring about permanent changes so you can live the calm life you've been searching for.

In my personal experience, this constant chattering ultimately leads to feeling burnt out and dumbing life down to avoid difficult situations or people.  It even impacted my career but when I chose less challenging work, mental boredom became  another source of stress.  It turns out that our mind can always find new stuff to worry about.   In fact scientists have found a part of the brain that literally scans for threat continually.  

How often has someone told you not to worry, only to trigger even more worry? Neuroscience is discovering just how powerful these minds patterns are.  Telling people not to worry just doesn't work.

So if you're ready to try a new approach to quietening the mind, interrupting those patterns of stress and returning to a life filled with passion and purpose, you're in the right place. 

This course has been created to help you learn to unpack your mind, quiet the chaos and bring calm to your life.

More than just my knowledge and experience; these guided practices are built on proven techniques and tools for mental clarity that have a 40 year track record.

How do you know if this is the right course for you?

  • Is your mind constantly busy? Do you want to bring some calmness to it?
  • Do you feel like you're on edge most of the time?
  • Is your to-do list never-ending?
  • Are you struggling to keep it all together and worried about angry outbursts or breaking down emotionally?
  • Does your inner voice feel like an evil monster you just can't shake?

Then it's time to find yourself a comfortable space, put on your headphones, and let me guide you through this course.  Step by step you'll be guided through simple techniques expertly designed to calm your nervous system and  still your mind. 

This 45 minute course is broken down into easy to follow modules.

Are you ready to learn how to bring calm whenever a difficult moment arises in your life?

Sign up for my Just Breathe course today and you'll finally have instant access to simple techniques you can apply right away.  At just 10 minutes long, you can even make them part of your daily routine!

Whether you prefer to read the downloadable 42-page eBook, or listen via the app, you can start transforming how you respond to stress and anxiety forever!


Introducing¬†Just Breathe Stress Management Courses¬†‚Äď your ultimate solution to conquering stress and restoring emotional balance in your life. Our comprehensive program is specifically designed to arm you with powerful tools, techniques, and insights that help you create lasting change and transform how you manage stress.

Are you tired of stress holding you back and interfering with your well-being? Take control with Just Breathe's exclusive combination of digital resources:

  • A¬†Downloadable 42-page book¬†that dives deep into the principles and practices of effective stress management.
  • 6 short video modules that complement the book and really bring its teachings to life
  • 2 Guided practices for restoring balance to your nervous system and mind
  • FREE lifetime access¬†to our platform and App, featuring a wealth of valuable content
  • FREE access to a self-compassion assessment developed by the expert in the field, Kristin Neff.
  • FREE downloadable worksheet providing personal insight into the emotional balance of your day
  • 2 FREE Bonus modules - conquering overwhelm.

Download the PDF and APP using the materials in the best way for you.  


Our unique 4-Module structure uncovers the common mistakes in stress management, the latest scientific findings on maintaining emotional balance, techniques for tackling stress on a deeper level, and a new, effective approach to stress management:

  • Module One - Discover the one critical mistake you're making when dealing with stress and how to overcome it.
  • Module Two - Embrace the power of cutting-edge research in achieving a healthy emotional balance.
  • Module Three - Master the art of addressing stress at its core, transforming your ability to manage it.
  • Module Four - Apply our simple, three-step process to revolutionize your stress management approach.

Plus, enhance your journey with two carefully crafted guided practices designed to help you establish a calm and focused mind while keeping your nervous system in check.

So why wait? Sign up for Just Breathe Stress Management Courses today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier, and more emotionally balanced life. Don't let stress keep you down any longer – harness the power of Just Breathe and unlock your full potential.

Sign up now and begin your transformation!

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 Bonus Features

  • If want to go deeper into the exploration of the mind and emotional resilience as a special bonus, our course customers get 25% off Mind21. Unique to Just Breathe, this 21 day course demonstrates the full power of emotional resilience, neurosicence and compassion.¬†

  • Bonus Module Included - Conquering¬†Overwhelm
    • 2 Videos - what does overwhelm look like to the mind?
    • "How to" advice - let's break it down with our overwhelm management grid.
  • Our Top 10 Recommended Reads because knowledge is a wonderful gift.¬† Someone who's trodden our path has documented their story.¬† If like me, you're obsessed with what it's like to be a human! You'll love these recommendations.
A unique approach based on techniques with a 40 year track record in stress reduction.  If you're looking for solid techniques you can implement really easily, get started today.    
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From Julie:

‚Ä®"When we experience  patterns of stress or burnout, we can start playing small in our lives and careers.  Sitting on the sidelines and not fulfilling our potential is a real personal tragedy."

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Customer Reviews

Absolutely loved your stress management course.

Even in the modules your voice was so soothing.  I loved the fact that the modules were broken up and I could listen and didn't have to read anything.  Listening works better for me.  I was worried that when it came to the practices I wouldn't remember what to do, but of course when I came to them, it was really easy to follow.  I loved the course and that's coming from someone who doesn't normally do this sort of stuff.  I could see the benefit of doing it on stressful days. 

Suzie, Liverpool

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