Mindfulness & Well Being

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Find out how mindfulness can support your well being

This lovely 2 hour session is dedicated to exploring the concepts of how we can use mindful awareness to improve our well being.

Starting with the body scan, this powerful little practice trains our attention and teaches us how to tune into what is really happening for us.  It takes us out of that busy head space where we often get lost.

We go on to explore the neuroscience of kindness and come to understand how our emotional system gets a little frazzled and what we can do to restore it.


Mind21 Stress Course Presenter

Time to Connect 

Once we've explored the body scan, learnt about kindness and enjoyed a nurturing kindness practice, there's no need to rush off.  We'll have time to enjoy an informal chat over lovely refreshments should we feel comfortable doing so.

"Mindfulness - skills for life"

Mindfulness & Wellbeing course. 

You'll learn:

  • What mindfulness is and the difference between this and meditation.
  • To tune into the wisdom of the body and why it's important to understand how the mind and body interact
  • Understand our emotional system and how it needs to be balanced
  • Follow guided practices that cultivate awareness and self compassion.

Special Offer

  • Light refreshments  
  • FREE Access to  "My Retreat at Home", an App that gives you lifetime access to your two well being practices.
  • Free pass to one Mindfulness Monday session.

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More Details

Why mindfulness?   

Mindfulness has been a feature of Eastern culture for thousands of years.  We are all born with the capacity to be mindful but somewhere along the way our busy minds take over.

Mindfulness is a gentle way of approaching our experience which unfolds uniquely for each of us. It allows us to start where we are, and go at our own pace simply working with the edges.


Join the Community

Once you're signed up to Just Breathe you are part of a conscious community.  We are dedicated to using a percentage of our profits  to provide education and mindfulness support to communities that don't have access.  

You'll also be invited along to our Monday class where you can continue with your practice.


Typical benefits

  • Learning to take time out can have an immediate impact on our well being and sleep patterns.
  • We can learn to  balance our emotions and experience more happiness in our lives.
  • Getting less caught up in stress impacts our immune system, influencing our well being.
  • You are guided in a safe and supported environment that encourages  compassion around all experiences.  This brings benefits to ourselves and those we interact with.  
  • Mindfulness practice can rewire the connections between the threat system and the executive function giving us greater control over our reactions.

The Experience

  • The experience will last for 2 hours
  • You will learn the basics of mindfulness, the importance of tuning into our body and the science of emotional balance and kindness.
  • There will be a guided body scan practice and a guided kindness practice.
  •  The experience includes an opportunity to talk through your experience and enjoy a healthy treat and uplifting herbal tea, all lovingly created with natural ingredients.

Experience  Dates

Courses are face to face

at my home in Wallasey.

Book through our events site on the link below.

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What our customers are saying..


"Excellent course that challenges notions of what mindfulness is, while providing real tools to manage stress, worry and emotions. Mindfulness really is Skills for Life.

Julie is a wonderful teacher: knowledgeable and open about her own journey. She facilitates a warm and friendly atmosphere and is encouraging around all experiences."



"I really enjoyed the course I recently embarked on, Julie is a great teacher and made us all feel welcome in the group. I was a bit worried about learning via zoom but Julie led the sessions really well with her extensive knowledge of the subject."


"I gained a deeper understanding of mindfulness with the ability to continue my practice going forward. I would highly recommend Just Breathe Solutions if you are interested in learning more about mindfulness."


"I would definitely recommend participating in Julie's (Just Breathe) Mindfulness 9 week course.  Julie provided a safe space for discussion, professionally lead and overall an enjoyable experience."

Meet your instructor

Mindfulness has changed my life in so many ways.  It's helped me to work with stress, deal with narcissism and to live each day in colour. 

What I love about this course is the information it provides around how our mind and body works.  These little insights really encourage us to take a step back and reflect on our inner world.

The language of the guidance also delivers a sense of safety and curiousity.

I work better with small groups and believe this creates space to talk and learn from each other without the awkwardness that might arise in larger gatherings. 



Julie has a masters degree in mindfulness from Aberdeen University and specialises in mindfulness based stress interruption and qualified to teach with the British Mindfulness Association.  Julie also has diplomas in life coaching, NLP and a masters in I.T.