Taking time out is necessary for our mental well being. 

Simple guidance to help you switch off.  

Taking care of our mind and body can prevent longer term issues and this mind spa is designed to do just that.   Take time out to just recharge your batteries by simply:  

  • giving yourself permission to take 30 minutes
  • allowing your mind to settle and let go
  • recharging your mental batteries
  • supporting healthy  sleep patterns
Mind21 Stress Course Presenter

Busy-ness is addictive.... 

From the minute we're born we're conditioned to strive and work hard, filling every moment with doing.

Even when we're relaxing we're bombarded with information making it difficult for our overstimulated minds to switch off.

Before electricity we'd have engaged with our family, gazed into an open fire, or gone to bed to recharge after long demanding days.

Now we live in our heads continually pushing ourselves to achieve.

So these simple practices are designed to allow you to switch off; to interrupt the busy-ness and to experience being at peace.

Why not bring the relaxing sounds of the forest or the beach to the here and now.

do something amazing for yourself today.

Lifetime value with our one off fee. 

No monthly subscription, access these journeys time and time again with our one off fee. 

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Private Learning    

No turning up to groups or trying to fit in regular meetings.  Everything is pre-recorded, you don't have to leave the house.  So snuggle up and switch off.  



The guided practices are  mindfulness based visualisations.  Underpinned by neuroscience, the language delivers a nurturing approach to change the dynamics of that inner voice. 


Easy to follow

Each journey is provided with or without music, try them all and see which you enjoy the most. 

Join the Community

Once you're signed up to Just Breathe you are part of a conscious community.  We are dedicated to using a percentage of our profits  to provide education and mindfulness support to communities that don't have access.  

Meanwhile you can revisit your material anytime with our lifetime access commitment.

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What our customers are saying...

Kathy, Richmond

This is a really neat programme on an easy to use system. It’s also colourful and clear to read. If you are new to the idea of mindfulness as part of your self care routine, then it’s a great intro and more, but equally is of great benefit to an experienced person. Each 30 min session had a different theme and you can do them in order or pick and choose if one resonates with you more. A professionally presented system and a pleasure to use.

Jacqui, Liverpool

Julie's guided meditations left me feeling refreshed and renewed. If you need an introduction to mindfulness then seek out Julie whose experienced, empathetic, connected and caring nature will support you into your mindfulness journey.

Elisabeth, Ellesmere Port

I used the techniques to manage my day but also followed the practices when I felt overwhelmed.  I don't think I could have got through exam season without it.  Thank you Julie.

Meet your instructor

After experiencing stress for over 20 years, Julie  experienced the benefits of mindfulness first hand.

Her unique exposure to the issues of stress meant that she was able to pinpoint the aspects of mindfulness that contributed to working with stress more effectively and now shares these techniques with you.

One of the pain points is learning to stop and take a proper break especially with busy minds that never seem to switch off.  It can seem counterproductive when our programming is telling us to work harder. These journeys are designed to take you through relaxing visualisations that enable you to switch off the mind and recharge the batteries.  


Julie has a masters degree in mindfulness from Aberdeen University and specialises in mindfulness based stress interruption.  Julie qualified to teach with the British Mindfulness Association and also has diplomas in life coaching, NLP and a masters in I.T.